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Philly clunker houses


About Us, LLC is a real estate investment firm serving the greater Philadelphia market. Our business is buying and selling properties AS-IS for CASH in ANY CONDITION. We are committed to being a local market resource for Philadelphia sellers and buyers of real estate. We look forward to partnering with you to help achieve your goals.


We are not just another "We Buy Houses" company. Transparency and business acumen is what differentiates our firm. We understand that each individual situation is unique and can assure you that we have your best interest in mind as part of an ideal WIN-WIN situation. Our promise to consumers is to operate with integrity, respect, and fairness.


What Is A Clunker House?


A Clunker House is a distressed property that would require repairs or renovation prior to being sold at full market value. Also known as "Fixer-Uppers" or "Investor Specials", clunker houses are often sold AS-IS for cash. Typically, clunker house issues are beyond cosmetic fixes and would require significant investment to be sold at market value.


We are AS-IS cash buyers and can typically close within 21 days. Contact if you want freedom from a property burden. Click here for the 3 steps to fast cash for your property.

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